30 Minute Strength & Sculpt

About 30 Minute Strength & Sculpt

Each video is around 30 minutes and every one is different to keep it fun and interesting. All the sessions are full body workouts making the most of every second you have.

30 Minute Strength & Sculpt  – Sculpt Spectacular

In this super session, you will do lots of kneeling push-ups & a whole heap of glutes. Don’t forget I always include delicious stretches to leave you feeling magnificent.

30 Minute Strength & Sculpt – Full Body Sculpt

All of my favourite moves in this session including planks, lunges, some all important balancing & press ups. Every muscle worked and lengthened. Ooh la la!

30 Minute Strength & Sculpt – Full Body Blast

This is jam-packed with lovely hip stretches, side plank work, reverse bridges, some juicy core finished by a cardio standing set – kapow!!

30 Minute Strength & Sculpt – Full Body Blast

Enjoy this low impact full body workout to strengthen, lengthen & awaken. Enjoy this quality time just for you.

30 Minute Strength & Sculpt – Strength, Squats & Plank

So many squats so little time!! Mixed in with some planks and more planks! A workout with lots of repetition that will allow you to fine tune your squat and invoke muscle memory.

30 Minute Strength & Sculpt – Full Body Blast

A fab full body workout with tons of plank variations, some challenging lunges & push ups from down dog. Remember there is always some lovely stretches to look forward to.

30 Minute Strength & Sculpt – Strength & Sculpt

Working every muscle in your lovely body! So effective in such a short amount of time! All you need is your body, a mat and some water. Let’s do this you superstar!

30 Minute Strength & Sculpt – Strength & Sunshine

Husband Will is back and we are outside!! Enjoy this lovely view whilst giving your body a full blitz – stretches and strengthening combined – enjoy!

30 Minute Strength & Sculpt – 40 Minutes Strength & Sculpt

A slightly longer class starting with a lovely slow warm up with lots of twists. This is then followed by a yoga flow which is leg and arm heavy and to finish a little leg balance burner. Hope you enjoy X

30 Minute Strength & Sculpt – Cardio Strength Mashup

This class is a mixture of 3 cardio bursts intertwined with some strength moves such as lunges, press-ups & glute bridges. The cardio moves are challenging but with lots of modifications and it will certainly leave you out of breath! No props are required – just your mat, your lovely body & definitely some water!

Dumbbell & Core Blast

I know I said that there would be no equipment needed for my at home workouts. However, I have had a few requests for workouts with weights and I’m here to help so here you go! If you have some dumbbells then go grab them. So many of these moves are AMAZING for your core strength, so remember to use your breathwork (I go through this again) and enjoy!

Full Body Flow – a longer session!

This is an equipment free full body flow for when you have a bit more time in your day. There are heaps of delicious stretches sprinkled into this session in between those moves that burn and build up strength. Every muscle group is targeted leaving you feeling stronger, energised and ready for the day.

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