Advanced Series

About Advanced Series

These advanced videos are varying lengths but all equally challenging. If you are returning to fitness after a break, maybe head to the other sections first.

Advanced Series  – Full Body Scorcher

I really enjoyed this circuit and hopefully you will too!! Start off with challenging single leg squats, some super tricky crawling, side plank variations and finish with burpees! Yes burpees!!

Advanced Series – 10 Mins

All I can say is ‘mega plank action’ ! A real challenge for a sweaty 10 minutes finished with some long jumping – enjoy!

Advanced Series – 30 Mins

Full Body Full Throttle! This session was so challenging but I promise fun. My hair definitely suffered in this session as you will see by the end.

Advanced Series – Legs on Fire

5 minutes on each leg – standing, balancing, strengthening & burning!! Breath through this and focus on the challenge.

Advanced Series – Yoga Legs

A punchy yoga-style session moving between Warrior 2 to Skandasana to Half Moon to Chair Pose. All these poses challenge your leg strength. Go For It!

Advanced Series – 10 Mins Cardio Leg Killer

A mix of holding plank position and the dreaded lunge jump! Let’s do this!! Whoop Whoop!

Advanced Series – Cardio Finisher

This super session starts off nice and gentle and finishes with a sweaty bang!! A challenging cardio circuit to finish which certainly left me out of breath but feeling super pumped!

Advanced Series – 30 Mins Challenge

Roping in your partner is not essential but always fun! This session was difficult!! Was it because I was trying to show Will how challenging my workouts can be! Who knows!! You will move between plank variations, challenging glute work and a fun single leg squat to arm balance challenge.

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