Beginner Series

About Beginner Series

I am so pleased you are here and about to get into some lovely movement. Each video is numbered so you can happily work your way through each. I really hope you enjoy X

Beginner Series  – Foundation

A lovely short class to get back into movement. A guided tutorial on squats with some great shoulder-opening moves and stretches.

Beginner Series – Beginner 2

Continuing with our little movement journey not taking anything too seriously and hopefully feeling good moving our bodies.

Beginner Series – Beginner 3

Starting with some side lying work, followed by some gentle push-ups and of course, some more squats to finish.

Beginner Series – Beginner 4

Let’s move and feel good!! A small bit of movement each day can really help to focus and relax your mind and energise your body.

Beginner Series – Beginner 5

Each session includes new challenges so you keep progressing and this also helps to keep it interesting and fun. I always try and change my routine every day.

Beginner Series – Beginner 6

This class is a full body workout which mixes strength work with some delicious stretches. There is some juicy shoulder moves to begin with which are equally challenging and amazing for your body! The class is 20 minutes so slightly longer than the previous sessions and will leave you feeling worked and energised.

Beginner Series – Beginner 7

Practising some controlled knee-friendly lunges & side lunges which help to fire up those glutes – feel the burn!

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