Core Progressions

About Core Progressions

In this series, each video gradually progresses from Core 1 to Core 10. In each video, you will practice some lovely grounding breathwork followed by some key core moves. Don’t forget you can happily stay on one level for as long as you feel and move to the next when you are ready.

Core Progressions  – Core 1

This is the beginning of the Core Progressions Series. Here we learn the foundations of breathing and basic core moves. A really lovely relaxing way to start your journey!

Core Progressions – Core 2

Continuing the journey with breathwork and core foundations. Always a lovely way to start with some focused breathing exercises followed by some key core moves and delicious stretches.

Core Progressions – Core 3

Remember to only progress once you feel comfortable with the current exercises. It’s totally cool to remain on one video for a while, just do whatever feels right for your body and only you know what that is.

Core Progressions – Core 4

We begin with a slightly different breathing exercise – the 4,7,8 breath and I love it! We also introduce the all important plank today, starting with a kneeling plank which just slightly reduces the load,

Core Progressions – Core 5

In this lovely session, we move on to full planks which are one of my favourite moves. When done correctly, the plank can strengthen your spine, your rhomboids and trapezius and your abdominals which naturally results in a strong posture.

Core Progressions – Core 6

Hoping you are enjoying this series and feeling the positive effects! This time we introduce some curl ups which are super important as we do this every day from getting out of bed to getting up and down on the sofa. And of course, there’s some lovely breathing and stretches!

Core Progressions – Core 7

Introducing the dreaded side plank. I know this can be a real challenge so there are of course, modifications available and see how you go! Every day is a learning day forever.

Core Progressions – Core 8

Here are some of my favourite moves in this little routine!! Give them a try and see how they feel – only when you feel ready.

Core Progressions – Core 9

Hoping you are enjoying this series as much as me. It feels great to slow it down sometimes and do some very mindful movement.

Core Progressions – Core 10

The finale of the core progressions series and it’s a tough one! Let’s continue to progress and strengthen our core together X Philly X

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